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Download the Course Guide

This Course Guide gives you an overview of the entire lesson plan with a summary of each section and a description of the content type of each lesson.

To download this guide, you will need the UNIQUE ID that you received by email after submitting the form on the "Tell us about your event" page.

That UNIQUE ID will unlock all of the downloadable elements of this course, including:

  1. Roles & Responsibilities roster
  2. Content Manager Instructions
  3. Chat Promoter prep sheet
  4. Chat Promoter Gold Standard Example
  5. Timeline Spreadsheet
  6. Script template
  7. Pre-roll Powerpoint template
  8. Main Event Powerpoint template
  9. Post-roll Powerpoint template
  10. Tips for presenters
  11. Contingency Plan Worksheet
  12. Strategy Meeting checklist
  13. Practice Session checklist
  14. Final Details Call checklist
  15. Dress Rehearsal checklist
  16. Day-of-Event checklist
  17. Live Auction slide template
  18. Paddle Raiser levels slide template

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